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Monolith's sustainability story

Our sustainability story is as broad as it is deep. True, proven sustainability gives your products a definitive advantage in the marketplace.

Monolith directly contributes to eight of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals established by the United Nations.

Significantly reduces CO2 emissions

Traditionally, carbon black and hydrogen have been emission-intensive industries, Monolith's plasma process significantly reduces lifecycle CO2 emissions for these critical inputs that are widely used across industries.

At much greater efficiency

Monolith’s process delivers a yield of 95 percent, compared to conventional manufacturing’s 55 to 60 percent. We use less and make more.

On a path to carbon-neutral or carbon-negative

When we begin to use renewable or bio-derived feedstocks, we can draw down carbon intensity even further, allowing for the potential of a carbon-neutral or carbon-negative carbon black.

Virtually eliminates NOx and SOx

Beyond CO2, Monolith’s plasma process eliminates the release of other greenhouse gases such as sulfur oxide and nitrogen oxide, and other environmentally harmful gases created by carbon black production.

Uses much less water

Not only does Monolith's process require much less water than conventional carbon black production, mainly for cooling, Monolith is able to return water to the aquifer.

Uses clean electricity

Monolith’s plasma process always utilizes clean, renewable electricity, virtually eliminating emissions from our power source.

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