Plasma black.
The carbon black
for a low-emission

The sustainability your customers are demanding.

Plasma black represents the long-awaited evolution of carbon black into the inherently low or even zero-emission material your customers have demanded. The only sustainable carbon black produced without combustion, plasma black significantly reduces CO2 emissions compared to traditional carbon black manufacturing, with much greater yield, and virtually eliminates NOx and SOx emissions altogether. Monolith Plasma Black sets the new industry standard for true sustainability — and the only real way forward to a low-emission future.

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Low-emission. High-innovation.



Monolith is the first company to crack the code on methane pyrolysis, the innovative technology that uses renewable electricity to convert natural gas into cleanly made carbon black and hydrogen — with virtually no release of CO2.

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Monolith’s environmental story is transforming the carbon black industry.

Our proprietary process for producing carbon black virtually eliminates CO2 emissions compared to the traditional process.

When our expansion is complete, Monolith’s process is expected to prevent the release of several hundred thousand tons of CO2 per year. And that’s just the beginning.

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Our cleanly made, superior-performance carbon blacks deliver high-value and environmental sustainability across markets and industries.



Innerliner, Sidewall, Carcass

Mechanical Rubber Goods

Mechanical Rubber Goods

Hoses, Belts, Seals, Gaskets, Molded Goods, Extrusion Goods



Plastics, Coatings, Inks, Dispersions, Wire & Cable, Pipe, Battery, Metallurgy, Food Containment, Thermal Black Alternate

Monolith Plasma Black is a product of Monolith, a company that is pioneering sustainable US manufacturing via the thermal plasma process, producing low-emission carbon black and hydrogen.

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